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June 10, 2012
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Graphite by LuminosityXVII Graphite by LuminosityXVII
EDIT: Messed with the left foreleg to make it look more natural and less like a piece of rubber. Hopefully I did a good job. Here's the original for comparison:

FINALLY. This is the first time I've vectored anything, and HOLY MOTHER OF VENUS it took me a long time. Going on 36 hours, I think. Anyway, it was worth it. I am ecstatic with how this turned out. Especially the mane, now that the blue highlights I didn't draw in the sketch have been added in. And while I did use references, this work (the sketch included) is the first of my OC that's entirely mine from start to finish. I'm beginning to feel like I might have a bit of skill after all. :D


Intended to be a ponified representation of myself, Graphite is talented in the areas of both art and engineering. He is a futurist who spends his time sketching and building gadgets and hi-tech machinery, but he also greatly enjoys being an artist on the side. I'd have half a mind to stick one of Mass Effect's omnitools on him, if not for the fact that it'd be way ahead of his time and downright cheap.

A defining image would be of him standing at a drafting table in a large, cozy, wooden room, dreaming up ideas on paper and surrounded by bits and pieces of electronics, hydraulics, gears, pulleys, etc.

He is a humble, content pony. People often come to him for help with intellectual and technical problems, but while he'll accept praise from others, he doesn't like to brag. He does, however, like to show off creations he's excited about, whether technological or artistic.

He is generally happy and he would be outgoing if not for the fact that he usually can't think of anything to say fast enough. This tends to result in a lot of conversations where he spends most of the time letting the other pony do the talking, enthusiastically replying with "yep", "exactly", "awesome", etc., paying thorough attention while wishing he could elaborate more and show a bit of wit. He does have his occasional moments of shining linguistic and charismatic brilliance, but they are rare enough that they tend to throw others for a loop when they happen.

He enjoys helping people out, especially when it calls on his artistic ability. He'll readily help out with the aforementioned intellectual and technical problems, but he's wary of those that bring on "computer repairman syndrome", the kind you get when dealing with people who still call themselves "computer illiterate" and don't bother to google their problem before asking for help.

He'd love to solve ponies' personal dramas too, and he's got the wisdom for it, but he's not one-hundred percent confident in his ability to say the right thing at the right time, so this doesn't happen as often as he'd like.

If you'd like to use this guy as a filler pony in the background or something, or to use it as a base for making your own OC or other pony, go right ahead, just please credit me and let me know. But this is my painstakingly crafted representation of myself, so please don't use it for anything else.
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Sesambrot Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist
Holy.... What the...... I mean................... !?!?!???!?
I think I just found a twin... or a clone? I dunno.... xD
Crap the world is small! well, the internet is...

Seriously, you pretty much just described me...
Hell even our OCs look alike! [link]
at least their cutiemarks do ..... I mean wtf?! I mean, not saying any of us copied from the other! first time seeing yours honest! but sheeesh talk about coincidence!

I dunno, I'm.... well, stunned probably describes it best.
really the only difference is that I didn't want to write a bio for my OC, because he's pretty much a representation of myself as well and I'm rather bad at describing myself, but I planned to draw some more pics, and maybe comics of him to give people an idea of who he is.........

Again, I'm stunned and actually a little scared :D

Oh, and nice work there! ;)
LuminosityXVII Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh! Cool! Though I'm actually not too surprised we both came up with a pair of cogs - pretty common first thought when trying to come up with something to represent all things mechanical. Which is part of why I thought it needed something more to distinguish it, and apparently so did you.

Graphite's (my) bio, btw, was the result of lots n' lots of introspection. You probably don't wanna know how long it took me. I wanted it to be as close to perfect as I could get it, though, so... yeah.

Oh, and thank you! :D
Sesambrot Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist
Well, you're right about the cutiemarks actually, but what really got me was the bio anyway... I mean, I know who I am, I know my strengths and weaknesses, but writing all that down as a bio is something else, I don't think I'm really good at it, plus as I said, I still plan to do a few pics and maybe comics to give him a personality.
What really struck me about that bio is that, while reading it, a checklist appeared in my mind:
"Holy crap!"

It's not complete, there's a few more things defining me that you haven't even listed, which probably means, we're not clones after all... :D
...but at least at first sight, the similarities were overwhelming.
LuminosityXVII Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow. That's almost surreal. And I didn't write down everything about myself, so... Nice to meet you, clone! Or am I your clone? Hm.
Sesambrot Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist
I'm not sure I wanna find out... xD

Also, what's a Llama-badge? :D
LuminosityXVII Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, that. It doesn't do anything, it just sits up there in the top right corner of your profile page as a status indicator, kind of like an achievement. You can give exactly one llama to anybody and everybody you want to for free, like a little thank-you gift or something. After acquiring certain amounts of llamas from various people, it changes into a different of llama, such as an albino llama or a ninja llama.
Actually, even if you were clones, the only way you could have the same thought processes would be to have exactly the same upbringing, and even then, there's a lot of chance involved.

With that said, you sound a lot like me, for what it's worth.
LuminosityXVII Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I know, it's just an easy psuedo-joke to make.

As for that last bit: not to be cliché, but it seems great minds think alike. Somewhat, at least.
LuminosityXVII Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you kindly.
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